Twisted Element

79% love it
Big dance club and downstairs lounge
Big, fun place for dancing and socializing by the fireplace or pool tables.


    • Zime25
      Zime25 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      There a 6.00$ cover now. I don't know why. Their ol ly girls here. Ths music is old... do not spend your money here.

    • GarettG
      GarettG Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Such a Fun Place!
      Great Music, fun atmosphere, friendly staff!

    • ToWanda889
      ToWanda889 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Wow - when is this dump closing down for good?
      I was recently in Calgary for a friends wedding weekend. My home city is Ventura, California. I was shocked to find the filth of this so-called nite club. Has anyone heard of the term, 'health board inspection'?? . The bathrooms were completely disqusting and plumbing not maintained. Main floor areas around the dance floor were actually sticky - the floor hadn't been properly cleaned for so long. Air quality was stale, repulsive and pungent. I don't know how these sorts of dives have the gumption to stay in business. The economic problems of Calgary finally hit home on this visit!! I look forward to some new clubs/lounges/restaurants in the gay community when i visit my gay and lesbian friends again in Canada - yikes!!

    • SamBanfield
      SamBanfield Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is a blast!
      Remember to check out the Calgary Bathouse, Goliaths.

    • Toddly
      Toddly Over a year ago

      Awful place!
      This place sucks! It's very sad that there is no other gay club in Calgary! I find the 2 owners to be perverts! All they like is the young, twinky underage kids! The one queenie owner sits on his high stool and try's to be and think he is something important! You can also find both owners on grinder looking for young guys for group. I truly miss boys town. I moved away from Calgary 15 years ago to just return last year. Boy has the gay community and scene been destroyed! If 5 to 10 people ever want to get together to bring back the fun, non judgemental, relaxed type of place let me know! I'll put some cash into the box to bring that back! Twisted is NOT who 90% of the gay and lesbians are in Calgary! Maybe new owners can fix it, but these goofs have worn out there time!

    • BrockB
      BrockB Over a year ago
      Hates it

      stay away
      I us to go to twisted all the time.... one night i had one of the bar tenders drug my drink. i am one of them people u always see taking his drink with him everywhere! i don't even take drinks from someone els. i walk up to the bar with them and get my drink. but anyways so i put a comment on gay Canada about it. started off with all the nice things twisted had to offer, but ended it up with a note about watching your drinks!!! the owners DEMANDED i take down the comment!!!!!!! and banned me from the bar for life..... not even ask me what bar tender or any care about there customer!!!! just your banned never come back. so take it as u please. but if u want a place where u can meet some under aged boys who are all drugged up!!! twisted is the place for you!

    • Gayaboutboy
      Gayaboutboy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I don't understand why in Calgary gay=drag
      I would like to spend some money here because there is no other place to go, but I am one of many gay guys don't like to watch drag shows but that is all here they have, come on, gay ≠ drag... what the owner is thinking? Other than the weekends, the place is dying. I had to go to Montreal when ever is possible, have they ever heard of Campus and Bar Stock?

    • justforyou
      justforyou Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The place is huge and fully equipped with awesome lights, dance floor, people and good times. However I think its like this because its the only gay club in Calgary. Every time I come down to Calgary I notice how the guy working the main bar whose name starts with a K is completely insane and psycho and whiny

    • steve201323
      steve201323 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      twisted element
      I have fun there when I working tired or boring for weekends.I love it.

    • Donharson
      Donharson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      i was there is full of fun. ur sorrow will go away if u visit.

    • henderson98
      henderson98 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The reason Calgary has no gay scene
      Read the reviews below mine. All 100% accurate. This "bar" is toxic to the gay community. I moved here from Toronto. This piece of shit place could take a LOT of tips from other cities on how to operate a bar. The owner has been accused of many cases of pedophilia too. Just a really creepy and sad place.

    • Jamesglue
      Jamesglue Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Well, they've successfully killed the gay scene in Calgary. I am not a "disgruntled" customer or anything like that. I have been to Twisted MANY times. I still go once in a while if I need a dose of gay. This is my honest take on the place... This is now the only gay "dance" space in Calgary. They are extremely selective as to their crowd - if you look illegal, and twinky, you may even be walked in from the line. Oh, the line! If you are going to go, go early. The owners like to front a line. Bring in that fake exclusivity. To what end, I don't understand. They have killed ANY and ALL competition, but they still treat their customers like shit. The owner, RJ, is extremely political and takes any criticism or competition as a personal attack. They have a history of barring all staff members from competing establishments, barring regular patrons of other establishments, speaking out against pride and the community - in fact, they don't even enter a float into the parade for political reasons (oh, wait, they did that year Sapien opened - I guess to try to keep their edge - if you are going to stand on some moral ground it becomes pretentious when you change your mind when you lose customers). The bartenders will only pay any attention to you if they know you, or your as described above. The patrons are all "regulars." Seriously, it is the SAME people each time I have been. In fact, it is almost at the creepy point. Twisted toots themselves as the "best bar" (they're the only bar), but I would safely say that only 1% of the gay population is represented there. I RARELY see anyone new. I find most of the cliental to be your dime-a-dozen "I'm better than you" young gay brat. The young ones feel they own the space, and will ensure that you know that is how they feel. The owners encourage this behaviour by offering these patrons VIP services when the actual paying customer (i.e. not just out on drugs) are actually waiting to buy drinks. The DJ has never changed since their opening day. They play SOME top 40s, but mostly out-of-date dance remixes. I struggle to believe people when they say they love the music here - I would assume because they have never been exposed to "good" dance music, or have never been to another bar. They have never, to my knowledge, had a guest DJ or even shaken things up with different music types. I guess they just play anything they can get off torrent websites. It is unfortunate... They run their business with very dirty tactics. They bash and commit libel against other business - they spread any and all rumours to hurt other gay establishments. Twisted has the potential to be so much more than it is. The first thing that needs to change is the ownership. Perhaps an actual competing bar will finally put their inflated egos into check. Until then, I choose to find as many other spaces as I can. Once in a while I return for a gay dose - but am quickly reminded why I prefer a night in, than a night out at "Twisted."

    • carlwestdover
      carlwestdover Over a year ago
      Hates it

      behind the times.
      Visiting family in Calgary I decided to stop by my old watering hole, Twisted Element. After wasting all of my hard earned pay cheques here in my youth, you would think the owner would by buy me a shot when he served me at the bar. Monopolizing Calgary's gay club scene you would think the tyrant could afford to show a once frequent customer some gratitude. Let me remind you guys that you are here because of us. Calgary's scene has seen better days before the Walmart of gay bars opened. Boring music (why no guest DJ's?.) No cover? who cares. I'd rather pay for first class than settle for coach. Try charging for cover instead of water for a designated driver (just read the review by Christina.) Someone needs drive your bread and butter home safely. What is really 'Twisted' are the 5-star ratings given by the staff. Pathetic. If you're a tourist wanting to experience the better half of gay Calgary check out the Back Lot - small seedy lounge, classically tucked away in the vintage gay fashion. Bad wine selection, but hey, we're rednecks after all. Many options for tipsy dancing nearby! Haven't actually had the chance to check out the Eagle but if it's anything like Vancouvers Pumpjack I reckon it will be a blast. Hope this review helped :)

    • happygomikey
      happygomikey Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Usually great for dancing!
      This club is always the most hopping place in Calgary towards the end of the night, never any cover, but the dance floor sometimes gets a little too tight (Some people like rubbing against strangers! LOL) Usually I really like the music, but sometimes it can get pretty rave-y... And then everyone kind of stands there not knowing how to dance to it... I'm definitely a Top 40 type dancer... Bartenders are pretty hot... Though service can be slow when there's only one on the front bar (back bar doesn't seem to get as overwhelmed most of the time) Downstairs lounge seems to be dead on Friday/Saturday (only time I go) but I hear they have really good Karaoke. Close to Sapien, so I like to check out both scenes...

    • dwntwngay
      dwntwngay Over a year ago
      Loves it

      so much fun!
      i haven't been to twisted for a while, but i just started going again, first night back was the white party (what a fun night) and the place is just like i remember. one hell of a party. the music is awesome, the staff are hot, and the lighting is great. theres a neat little lounge downstairs i like to go to for karaoke every now and then, and the show on saturdays is pretty cool with all the new queens. but the Sunday show is killer! the queens are by far the best i've seen. they keep the crowd laughing with their crewed humor and make fun of the audience, but its all in fun! i dont party at ghost towns, so twisted won me back for sure! wont be going to that shit hole down the street anymore!